The Firm


The law firm DIXYS AVOCATS was set up by François Vuillet in 1996 who had joined the Paris Bar in 1992.

François Vuillet and Pierre Ollivier met when they both, between 1986 and 1989, worked when they both worked in Paris France at the Office of the General Counsel of the Thomson CSF Group (today operating as Thales SA) on several major and strategic transactions.

Pierre Ollivier following a long career as inhouse General Counsel, joined the Paris Bar and set up his legal practice in Geneva in 2015 also adopting the name DIXYS AVOCATS.

Exercising their profession independently respectively in Paris and in Geneva, François Vuillet and Pierre Ollivier created jointly in 2016 a website under the name DIXYS AVOCATS.

Effective January 1, 2019 François Vuillet, the founder of DIXYS AVOCATS has retired from the Paris Bar.

Pierre Ollivier exercising in Geneva is now the sole active member of DIXYS AVOCATS and responsible for the website.