Policy on Fees
Legal fees are freely determined in accordance with the applicable mandatory provisions regulating the Legal profession in France and Switzerland.

Fees in general take into consideration factors such as the qualifications and notoriety of a Lawyer, the complexities of the file, a Lawyer’s specific expertise, time spent, as well as the importance and urgency of the matter.

Fees may take the following form :

  • an agreed hourly billing rate based on time spent, necessarily and exclusively dealing with the matter entrusted by the Client, and/or,
  • periodic retainers for an agreed scope of legal services,
  • any other form of mutually agreed remuneration, as admitted by the Paris or Geneva Bar as applicable, including if deemed mutually appropriate, the payment of a retainer and/or an additional remuneration based on results.

Agreed billing terms and conditions will be set forth in an engagement agreement which may, as required and mutually agreed, be duly updated or modified from time to time in writing by Lawyer and Client. The engagement agreement will also specify the timing for periodic invoicing and payments, the applicability of VAT and the agreed modalities for the determination of  costs, disbursement and other charges.

Non-payment of fees at due date may authorize the termination of the contractual relationship pursuant to applicable law, notwithstanding the right of the Lawyer to pursue payment of the amounts due. A Lawyer may also cease to represent a Client if said Lawyer fails to obtain clear and timely instructions, or if the mutual relationship of confidence has broken down.

Lawyers agree to submit any dispute concerning their fees or relating to other matters for resolution in accordance with the applicable procedures in the jurisdiction concerned. In France all such disputes are subject to the determination of the Bâtonnier of the Paris Bar.