Our Values

The name DIXYS AVOCATS symbolizes professional values shared by Pierre Ollivier and François Vuillet

This “MISSION/VISION”  statement describes such shared values in the legal field


Lever our respective legal experience and teamwork with engineers, Executive Management, Boards and specialized Committees of Corporations which often play a leading role in their fields of competence

Use our working knowledge of the organizational issues faced by  General Counsels, Legal Departments and in-house lawyers

Adopt a legal approach which reflects an understanding of our Client’s business, technology related and organizational constraints

Advise on the mandatory requirements as well as on the opportunities offered by applicable laws and regulations

Work on pragmatic and legally effective contracts and other legal solutions

Represent the interests of our clients, as required, before all courts or tribunals of competent jurisdiction

Propose transparent and competitive billing terms and conditions, as mutually agreed with our clients


To offer the expected skill sets and competencies from a sole practitioner with multifaceted legal experiences

To be recognized by our Clients as a Legal Value provider in today’s fast moving and complex national and international environment